Need some Travel Tips? Here is a List of the 5 Things Your Travel Agent Will Not Tell You

Traveling to exotic destinations is both exciting and daunting, especially if you’re a newbie. This is why many people opt for travel packages that agencies have already set up. While this process facilitates your trip planning it might also leave you feeling like you didn’t get your moneys worth. For those of you who have experienced this before, we know it is quite frustrating. This is why we’ve come up with travel tips, specifically tips that explain why hiring travel agents might not be the best option for you. Firstly, we like to make clear that we understand that everyone’s travel style is different. The purpose of this article is to give you insight into your travel options. After all, knowledge is power…here are the top 5 things travel agencies do not tell you.


1. Agency Travel Tips: They compete for pricing.

This means that they know, the lower the price the higher the likelihood of getting more clients. This might seem like a positive for you and your wallet but it is important to note that in order to cut pricing a lot of agencies cut corners. Most packages are advertised as ‘tour packages’ although all they include is the plane ticket and accommodation, nothing else. A common ‘trick’  used is to show a customer all the fun and interesting activities a location has to offer. This is done despite the activities not being included in the overall package. Hence allowing for a reduction of the package cost.


2. Some include “free disposal days”.

In order to save on costs, many of the tours will include days with no activity included to “discover the destination on your own.” This means you will have to figure out how to fill your time on your own. You will have to plan in advance or be subject to the area’s excursion desks in order to prepare your day. Also, keep in mind that price is usually more expensive on location.


3. A travel agency does not have a catalog of all tour and excursion options.

It is common for a travel agency to cut a deal with a tour operator. The agencies have an agreement with other operators in order to ensure that their products/tours/excursions get sold over their competitor’s. It is important to note that you might be advised to choose a tour from a limited to that catalog of excursions that have been passed by filters. Therefore, we advise that you ask around. Always do your research so that you know the full range of things to do in your chosen destination.


4. The tours offered are normally mass excursions.

In other words, the travel agents main concern is to generate mass quantities of money, not ensure that the customer gets a once in a life time experience. In most cases the tour operator doesn’t even know about the logistics of the activity. You have the right to ensure quality. Never be afraid to ask the tour operator for details pertaining to the excursions you book.

 5. People’s preferences are changing and the industry is not keeping up.

There is a growing number of people who refer to save money on their accommodations while splurging a bit on an experience. Today’s traveler seeks to see, learn, and grown from unique places and people. This is a traveler who looks for a vacation filled with adventure and excitement. A vacation that comes with a promise to offer something outside of his/her day to day life. This investment in travel is increasing and aimed at allocating more budget to answering the question “what am I going to do? ” rather than ” where do I go to sleep? “. Assertiveness also falls under one of our travel tips. Ask, ask, and ask away. You have every right to know what your options are and what other people are doing.

We hope these tour agent travel tips have helped. More importantly, we hope they’ve inspired you to seek out different options and find the one that best suits your needs. If you’re interested in once in a life time adventures we suggest you take a look at two incredible destinations. The first is, Estancia Cristina , a stunning lodge located in the heart of Argentina. This Heaven on Earth allows you to disconnect from the world for a night while finding your roots in Nature. Or you can spend the day discovering different parts of Oqaatsut while you visit and spend time in a traditional Inuit settlement!  It’s time to think of vacation differently. Here at Wildthentic we strive to put the customer first and offer a unique experience. We want you to live a destination to the fullest. Until next time!