How to Know if You Should Travel with a Friend(s): These are the Questions You Should be Asking

Traveling is exciting. It leads to adventures and new growth opportunities. This online website has featured articles about traveling with a partner as well as the overall benefits of travel. Now it’s time we discuss the fun world of traveling with a friend and or friends. Better yet, this article will focus on questions you should ask yourself as well as your friend before you decide to take the travel plunge! Read on to see what questions you should not only ask yourself but also your future travel companion. Here are the four questions you should ask before deciding to travel with a friend.


What do you want out of this trip?

This should definitely be the first thing to address. In order to ensure that both you and your friend get the most out of the experience it is important that your priorities are aligned. Do not be afraid to discuss what you want and or are expecting out of your trip together. Make sure to be clear but leave room for compromise. For example, learning a new language or making new and long lasting friendships might be what you’re looking for whereas your friend might be looking to star gaze or eat and drink to their hearts desire. All interests are valid. We simply advise that communication remain open and honest. This will help ensure a beautiful and meaning trip for both or all of you.

What is your budget and what are you willing to splurge on?

Money is not always an easy topic to address. With that being said, push through the discomfort of discussing monetary guidelines. This way you’re all on the same page. Discuss food, travel, shopping, and contingency expenditures before agreeing to travel with a friend.

Are you okay with having alone time or a free day?

Make sure you both have a similar style or at least agree on how much time you’re willing to spend together. This one might be tricky especially if you’ve never traveled together. New circumstances often lead to new and unfamiliar emotions, which is fine and can be a major positive but it can also cause a strain in the friendship. Make sure to have ‘you time’. Leave room in your agenda for free time. Allow time for you and your friend to go out and discover at least one place on your own. This allows for you to connect with foreign surroundings as well as discover new parts of yourself.

Bonus tip: If you and your friend(s) are sharing a room make sure to discuss whether or not either or all of you would like alone time in the room. This way everyone has their intimate space and their own breathing room.

Who is going to be in charge of what?

Whether it’s calculating the tip or figuring out who is in charge of holding the translation book these roles should definitely be discussed beforehand. Travel can lead to stressful situations, which are sometimes unavoidable. This is why you should do everything in your power to cover all grounds and make sure you have a game plan as well as certain roles in place.

Bonus tip: Establish a safe word. This isn’t meant to care you at all. See this tip as a simple safety precaution. Example: You and your friend are out in a bar and one of you feels unsafe due to any particular circumstance but would not like to make it obvious or draw attention to said emotion. Find a way to work a safe word into the conversation.

Now that you’ve gone through the questions, do you any of you have a friend in mind? Remember that traveling should be fun and educating! The world is vast and there are so many stunning locations to choose from! Go on out and travel with a friend!