A Guide to Traveling as a Couple and How Keep the Spark Alive!

Traveling is sometimes daunting but always exciting. Traveling is not only good for you but it also brings you closer to yourself as well as those around you. Some people choose to travel in groups, others solo, and other with their significant other. Getting through the anxieties of visiting foreign territories is not always easy but it is easier with someone by your side. We’d like to share a few tips on how to keep love alive while traveling as a couple. Read on to find couple approved tips on how to keep you and your loved one’s spark alive while taking a break from ‘real life’.

Work date night into your ‘ traveling as a couple ‘ schedule

This is a simple tip. It can get easily lost especially while getting swept away with all the new and exciting experiences of traveling. We all know that traveling is an expense and that sometimes splurging on a ‘date night’ isn’t always in the budget. With that being said, it is important that you and your partner take the time to go out and have a few drinks…maybe a nice meal or a movie? We’re not saying to do it everyday or every week, we’re simply pointing out the importance of taking time out to spend time together doing a shared leisure activity. And if you’re low on cash…get creative! Picnics are always fun. Also, if you happen to be traveling to Argentina keep this tip in mind. Argentina is known for its affordable fine dining!

Be spontaneous!

This one is pretty self explanatory, no? Make that last minute decision to see that waterfall. Climb that horse! If you find yourself up in the middle of the night, just go for a gaze at the stars together. An important part of traveling involves jumping at opportunities. Unexpected events can occur while traveling as a couple, that’s part of the fun! Don’t be afraid to run with it.

Face your fears together!

Most of us are afraid of something. Combating your fears will not only give you strength and peace of mind. It also allows you and your partner to come together and grow as a unit. Let’s be clear, we aren’t saying that arachnophobes should go stick their hand in a spider hole. But, we are saying that doing activities that either one or both of you are afraid of can definitely help strengthen your bond. Sharing fear brings couples closer together. Overcoming fear also gives both parties a great sense of achievement. Showing support for your partner leads to healthy, uplifting, and respectful relationships. Encouraging words and actions help solidify the bond that a couple shares.

Get intimate

Don’t forget to check in with your partner and ask them about their inner world. It’s easy to assume that everything is all right just because you know your partner well. Ask them what they’re thinking about. Ask them how they feel. Don’t forget that intimacy can be physical but also emotional, both equally important.

Traveling is general is fantastic but traveling as a couple can be twice as rewarding. Please make sure to share your exhilarating travel stories with us in the comment section. Take care and get out there!