Alpine & Nordic Skiing

Alpine & Nordic Skiing WITH WILDTHENTIC

Skiing falls into three major categories Alpine, Nordic or Freestyle skiing. On this page we will be talking about Alpine and Nordic skiing. The difference between these two categories is that Alpine skiing has fixed heel bindings whereas Nordic does not. And as an FYI for those of you interested, Freestyle skiing refers to the type of skiing that involves jumps and performance based routines.

Alpine and Nordic skiing are wonderful ways to enjoy winter, spend time with loved ones, and push your boundaries. Plus, this snowy outdoor activity gives you a wonderful excuse to go out and explore what frozen landscapes the world has to offer!


Skiing brings a lot of things to mind…adventure, adrenaline, and time spent with friends. These aspects combine to make skiing highly pleasurable. This activity is not only fun, it is exciting, and an awesome way to workout.

Although there’s a lot to love about skiing, we fear it sometimes gets a bad reputation. People seem to assume that skiing is not only difficult but always wild, therefore only meant for the upper-class thrill-seekers. We are here to tell you that, this is far from the truth. Sure, renting ski materials cost money but top of the line fashionable equipment is not needed in order to enjoy some time on the slopes. All you need is a helmet, some skis, some poles, and your boots. Obviously, it’d be best to dress appropriately but our point is, skiing can be simple. Going Alpine or Nordic skiing doesn’t mean you’re going to have to jump off cliffs or ski steep slopes. Most people begin with easy slopes that allow you to get the hang of the twist and turns while you get to know your snow legs.

There’s also something very profound about skiing. There is no foreign animal and or object you must learn how to drive, skiing is an activity that allows you to connect and control your own body. It is up to you to face your fears and learn how to take control of your bodyweight as it zooms passed areas…your skis become an extension of you. What other outdoor activity allows you to gain insane amounts of speed without having to rely on wheels?

Lastly, we love skiing because it provides constant challenges. There is no way to get bored while skiing. There is always room for improvement and the learning of new tricks and skills!




  • The word ‘Ski’ comes from the Norwegian word ‘skíð’ which means ‘a split piece of wood’.
  • The Norwegian army was the first to have a specialised ski unit, back in 1721.
  • Norwegian rock carvings dating back to 2500BC are the oldest known depictions of people skiing.
  • One of the drawings mentioned was destroyed by a well-intentioned youth who scratched over the etching, in order to make it more visible and “improve it”.
  • St Bernard of Montjoux is the patron saint of skiers. St Bernard dogs are also named after him as they were used to help finding lost people in avalanche.
  • Alpine skiing was first introduced to the Olympics in 1936.
  • Skiing downhill with moderate effort can burn anywhere from 300 to 400 calories per hour.
  • The current world record for the maximum speed reached while skiing is 156.2 mph (251.4 kph) by Italian skier Simone Origone.



Skiing is an activity that puts you in direct contact with nature and all of her elements. This outdoor sport makes you feel as if you are flying! Feel the wind on your face as you rush past snowy views and marvellous white landscapes.

Skiing is perfect for those interested in connecting to the terrain. Feel the bumps and groves of the snow as you glide down mountains and breathe in clean air. The beauty of outdoor skiing is that the whole activity is an adventure, even when you’re not actively participating. Skiing gives travellers an excuse to go up lifts and see the world from high heights. It is also the perfect way to explore national parks.


  • Practice, practice, practice! Pick a groomed slope that you feel comfortable going down and work on your technique before hitting the bigger more popular slopes.
  • Remember to keep the tip and tail of the ski at the same height above the snow. If the tip is higher than the tail then you are leaning back - move your weight forward!
  • Always look at where you want to go. Look up because, if you look at the snow in front of your skis, chances are you will end up with a mouth full of snow!
  • Never go skiing alone.



  • Skis, which may have skins applied or be textured for uphill traction.
    Choose your skis according to activity and terrain.
  • Boots and bindings
  • Poles
  • Helmet
  • Ski suit (not required)
  • Ski goggles  
  • Skiing gloves



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