Dogsledding is an act in which a sled or sleigh is pulled by one or more dogs. This method of transportation is used to travel over ice and through snow. There are numerous types of sleds; all differ depending on their function. For example, some sleds are used for racing.  


Typography is the art and technique


Kayaking is perfect for water lovers.

This vessel allows you to glide through unchartered territories while being level with the water! Kayaking is a great way to get up close and personal with nature as you check out the world from a brand new perspective. Paddle silently through remote areas that most people will never get to visit. Kayaking provides one of the biggest rushes you can get on the water. This versatile vessel lets you play in lakes, river rapids, waterfalls, the ocean, and even at sea! A kayak allows you to transcend your humanity and actually become a part of the water.

Kayaking where strength and aerobic exercise unite!

The rowing motion works your core, arms, chest, back, shoulders and hands. Kayaking also helps strengthen your cardiovascular system; this adventurous exercise targets your upper body and gives your heart a heck of a workout. The rotating motion also causes increased torso and leg strength without straining and taking a toll on your body.

Not only does kayaking benefit your body but your mind as well.

Stress relief is the most commonly cited benefit of paddling. But, it goes further than that kayaking is also associated with enhanced feelings of self-worth, physical appearance, and improved worth in social interactions.

Kayaking provides a variety of fun; therefore its popularity should come of no surprise.



Rafts are the perfect crafts for exploring nature. Rafts are both versatile and adaptable rendering them perfect for exploration. The raft is capable of traveling thorough almost any body of water. This sets it apart from other crafts, not to mention you have complete control.


Rafts are wildly versatile in that they allow you to explore in different environments. Because rafting is an outdoor activity, travellers get to experience nature and the marine life.


This craft allows you to travel through dense cloud forests and rock bridges. Travellers have the opportunity to raft within jungles, rainforest, the sea, or within white-water rivers. Every waterway has it’s own identity and personality and rafting allows you to experience all of them. Rafts are so functional that they allow you to experience the rush of white-water rafting as well as the calm of the sea and its mellow waves. Rafters also get to bask in the magnificence of the speed of nature’s waves or the wonder of the Amazonian rainforest.

Rafting allows you to get close to birds, whales and marine life while providing you with an unusual perspective. Imagine paddling next to a dolphin or waving to a sea lion? Rafting makes this possible. It also has the capacity to transform any body of water into a playground. Duckies are a perfect for this because they sit low and allow you to see more of the nature around you. You will be able to see everything from the wildlife on the shore, to those within the water, to the waves upon the horizon. Rafters become one with the natural world.




  • In 1928, Franz Romer was the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean. He left Lisbon, Portugal and travelled over 6,400 km to arrive in Puerto Rico.
  • Hungary is the country with the most Olympic medals in kayaking.
    Kayaks are at least 4,000 years old!
  • Kayaks paddle lower to the water and can go faster than canoes.
  • Kayak translates to ‘hunter’s boat’ in Inuktitut.
  • Inuit and Aleuts used driftwood or whalebone to make the kayak’s framework, and covered it with stretched skins.
  • Kayaks were made watertight with whale fat.
  • Kayaking burns more calories per hour than cycling 5.5 mph and the same as playing softball for one hour.



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