Scuba diving is a form of underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus in order to breathe below the water’s surface. Divers usually carry oxygen filled tanks on their back while they swim.

Scuba diving is an activity that unveils some of the mystery that surrounds the world´s oceans as you go deeper into the underwater's world.

If you have never dived before, you may do an introduction to dive, most diver enthusiasts will have their Open-Water PADI or similar giving them the basics and allowing them to dive as deep as 18 metres, and some may even be Advanced

Our selection of scuba diving experiences should cater for most.


Scuba diving is easy to love. This underwater activity allows for freedom in ways that average life does not. Everything from the sound of the ocean to the feeling of weightlessness grants divers with a captivating experience that transports them to a new world, the Underwater World.

Despite modern day efforts at studying and analysing the ocean, most information remains unknown. It is humbling to realize just how little our society actually knows about something that covers nearly three-quarters of our planet. Scuba diving is perfect for curious adventurers who want to go on journeys of discovery and growth. The ocean’s depths are mysterious and far-reaching, so much so that it seems that we will never know all the secrets of the sea.

Scuba is not only an exercise of the body but of the mind and soul as well. The dark diverse depths of the sea are so vast that they push divers to question everything they already know about life as well as test their imagination.  

The soul can also benefit from the water and its many healing effects. One fascinating aspect of diving is that it has a smoothing and calming effect because it brings you, the diver, back to feeling as if you are in your mother’s womb. This connection back to the final stages of fetal development promotes feelings of security, well-being and happiness.

Lastly, Scuba connects people. This pastime quickly becomes a beloved hobby for those who dive. Diving is safe when done with the proper care, one diving rule that we love is that those who go under the water must always dive with a ‘buddy’. The buddy system ensures that someone is there to help you if you are ever in a time of need, and vice-versa of course. This is not only a great way to interact but it is also a bonding experience that can help you create lifelong friendships.




  • 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water
  •  The word “Scuba” is an acronym. It stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.
  • Sound waves travel over four times faster underwater than they do in air.
  • Scuba diving is not only fun, it’s also safe. More deaths occur by running a marathon, driving a car, playing soccer, playing golf and skydiving in relation to number of participants, than scuba diving.
  • In 1300, Persian divers would use googles made of thinly sliced and polished tortoise shell. 
  • Sean McGahern, a British diver, broke the record for the longest warm-water dive on a standard open-circuit scuba system. In 2013 he spent 49 hours and 56 minutes on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea off of the coast of Malta.




Scuba diving is an activity that submerges you into an unknown natural world. Not only are our oceans home to thousands upon thousands of animals, they also contain almost all of the water found on Earth. A lot of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the ocean. This means that the human species is dependent upon the earth’s oceans.

Scuba diving is an activity that fills people with awe and wonder, mostly because of the colourful and exotic vegetation and marine life found below the water’s surface. Seeing the sheer variety of fish, corals and crustaceans is enough to inspire any human. Feeling weightless while floating in water not only connects us to our aquatic friends but is also a marvellous way to honour Mother Earth and her wet element.  

Please keep in mind that although interaction with marine life is rewarding and exciting it is important that all scuba enthusiast practice sustainable diving. If you would like some tips on how to sustainably scuba dive please read our ‘Some tips from our experts while Scuba Diving’ section below.





  • Remember to always maintain buoyancy control, especially if you are a new diver. This way you can avoid crashing into coral and marine life.
  • Do NOT chase any marine animals! This can cause a great deal of stress to the animal and in turn cause them to attack.
  • Do NOT feed any marine animals!
  • Feeding the fish might seem like a fun way to lure them toward you but it also interrupts their natural nutrient balance which then disrupts healthy marine habitats.
  • Do NOT litter. Littering should be avoided at all cost, especially when handling plastic items. Garbage can easily get caught on an animal’s body and or be consumed; this causes discomfort, crippling, and or death.
  • Make sure to clean yourself as well as your kit. No cleaning products such as shampoo or soap should enter the water.  
  • Equalizing is very important. Make sure that you go down towards the ocean floor slowly and gently while clearing your ears. This pressure release helps you avoid painful earaches. This tip also applies for ascension towards the water’s surface.  
  • Touch nothing, leave only bubbles, and take only pictures!


The single most important piece of equipment for scuba is the underwater breathing apparatus, which has different classes depending on the type of diving that interest you.

Different types of oxygen might be used on your dive, Nitrox is commonly used on Liveaboard or places providing up to 5 or 6 dives a day. The other type of oxygen is Trimix: A mixture of Nitrogen, Oxygen and Helium used to increase dive limits.

The weight belt and BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) are also key to maintain your level underwater. Other equipment used while scuba diving is meant to protect divers against exposure. Such equipment includes; a dry suit (used at temperatures between 0-10 °C), a wet suit (at temperatures of 21-25 °C), or a Hot water suit (surface supplied diving only) are sometimes necessary depending on the temperature of the water.

Boiler suit overalls are usually worn over the thermal protection suit in order to help commercial divers avoid abrasion.

Dive skins (made of lycra), shorty wetsuits, Diving gloves, Diving hoods, and Diving boots are also used.  

Safety helmets, Diving chain mail, and Diver’s cages may also be used in order to protect the diver against large predators.



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