Snowshoes are used for walking over snow. This type of footwear was essential  to those who lived in the Arctic because they provided a reliable method of navigating through deep snow. Snowshoes distribute the weight of a person over a larger area ensuring that said person's foot doesn't sink into the snow. This anti-sinking effect is called 'floatation'. Snowshoeing is a form of hiking.


Technology has made life easier for all of us, including those in the Arctic. There are currently better ways to navigate through snow or to avoid the snow all together, one can fly, drive a car, ride a snowmobile, dogsled, etc. These advancements have made snowshoeing go from a necessity to a recreational act.  Today, snowshoeing is a popular winter recreation activity, one that has some specific advantages over other winter sports. First off, it´s easy, snowshoeing has a short learning curve. The bottom line is, if you can walk you can snowshoe.


Second, you can snowshoe anywhere there is deep snow. Third, snowshoes are relatively cheap compared to other types of winter sports equipment. Snowshoeing doesn´t require high tech devices, fancy clothing, or expensive lift tickets or trail fees. You just put them on and go.

Snowshoeing is also a wonderful way to get aerobic exercise while being out in nature. These hiking devices make you invincible! Who says ice and snow have to stop you from trekking?  Keep in mind that there are various snowshoe models; you should choose your shoe according to your desired level of activity and terrain preference.  Most modern snowshoes are made with aluminium frames and synthetic decking. These decks often feature a material called nylon or Hypalon rubber, which makes the snowshoes light and responsive.



Snowshoeing provides a pure method of travel, one free from sounds, pollution, and or restriction. This activity allows for physical exertion while getting to experience a foreign and magical terrain. Not to mention, snowshoes have zero impact on the environment. This practice is about as clean and sustainable as it gets because the deep snow protects the vegetation from damage. Snowshoeing in fact, provides a welcome relief to non-hibernating animals, as the snowshoe trails will harden up overnight, making it easier for animals to traverse a region the following day.  The slow speed of snowshoers does not seem to startle wildlife in the same way skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling do.



Due to snowshoeing’s highly aerobic nature, it is important to note that less bundling is required. However, snowshoers must be aware of the conductive heat loss that can occur at times. Snowshoers should wear thin gloves while putting their shoes on, this ensures minimal heat loss when touching the cold aluminium frames. Touching frigid metal objects with your bare skin should be avoided.



Snowshoes vary depending on the type of activity you would like to partake in, lucky these are provided during our Wildthentic tours. Telescopic poles, although not necessary certainly come in handy.




  • Snowshoeing is surprisingly effective at calorie burning. Snowshoers can burn anywhere from 420-1000 calories per hour depending on terrain, weight and speed.
  • Based on various rock drawings and paintings, archaeologists speculate that snowshoeing began 6,000 years ago; in the area we now call Central Asia.
  • Snowshoeing is gaining popularity; more than 5 million Americans went snowshoeing in 2000. That accounts for 3% of all Americans over the age of 15!
  • Snowshoeing is the least expensive winter sport, at roughly 20% the cost of alpine skiing equipment.



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