This section is dedicated to the people who appreciate their surroundings and want to be engulfed in nature’s magnificence. The Unique lodges’ category is meant to cater to different desires and needs, whether you are an adrenaline seeking, foodie, or part of a nature-loving couple. Our lodges although manmade pay homage to nature’s fantastical attributes and splendour and grant you the opportunity to partake in activities that are quintessential to the area.


Although located in different locations, our lodges all share a few things in common like their remoteness and nature oriented experiences. Our Unique Lodges are so private that they all require some form of unusual travel device to get to, literally transporting you into an entirely new world. There’s nothing typical about these lodges, most of them have quirky access routes.  Different vehicles are used to gain entry into these boutique hotels, some of which include boat, foot, and snowcat. All our lodges are tucked away deep in nature, which is why they grant you incredible access to a vast array of mind-blowing outdoor activities. Our boutique lodging options were chosen because they honour the land and make use of the natural materials that are endemic to the region. In short, the lodges’ proximity to key natural sites allows for exclusive and or privileged access to the most relevant activities in the area…exploration has never been so easy! No need to transfer from a big city, you will be totally immersed into the natural environment and ready to experience everything it has to offer while embracing the adventure of a lifetime. Exclusivity and access to local tour guides are also features found at our Unique Lodges. Local guides are directly connected to area and are therefore able to provide unprecedented knowledge and insight about local customs, traditions, and history. Unique Lodges not only connects you to the land but to the people as well. Learn about folklore or maybe learn strange fact or two, this way you will always keep your adventure wildly authentic.



  Our Unique Lodges can mostly be found in the wilderness, whether it be on a snowy mountain top or nestled deep within a forest. The lodges share a profound connection to nature in that not only are they located deep within the wild; they are also constructed by materials endemic to the region. Not to mention, most of these eco-lodges are highly sustainable and make use of green energy. All the lodges fit perfectly into the environment. The Unique Lodges were designed with the elements in mind which is why symbiosis occurs between them and the environment.  These locations allow for complete immersion within nature and have a low impact on wildlife. Unique Lodges are sustainable, wildlife friendly, located in stunning locations, with privileged access to nature-based activities… What more could you want?


  • Remember, everything that you bring into nature comes back with you.
  • Keep a good sense of adventure and be flexible!
  • Embrace the authenticity, reconnect with nature, meditate and be curious!


We provide state of the art secure equipment during our activities. The equipment needed varies depending on the activity you choose to do during your stay. Outdoor activity options include but are not limited to; kayaking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, skiing, unique hiking, snorkelling, and tree climbing.



  • Temperatures can reach minus 50 degrees outside the igloo, but due to the body heat still be a warming 60 degrees inside the igloo!
  • Hammocks are a Native American invention named after tree bark. These floating beds were originally made of the bark of a tree that the Natives called ‘hamack’.
  • Hammocks aid in deep sleep. Have you have wondered why you feel instantly relaxed when you lie in a hammock? The physics behind the hammock is what makes people sleepy.  The rocking motion of a hammock mimics that of a baby being cradled and rocked which in turn encourages a deep and satisfying sleep.
  • Geodesic (geo) domes are 30% more efficient than average tents at heating and cooling themselves. The heating-cooling efficiency is due to the sphere’s unobstructed air and energy flow.
  • The Geo-dome’s design creates the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area. When a dome’s diameter is doubled, it quadruples its square footage and produces eight times its volume.
  • The most expensive hotel room in the world is The Royal Penthouse suite of Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. This room costs anywhere between a night $61,000- $84,000!



Feel different by doing something unique and awe-inspiring
Because your curiosity to discover new things is endless, we are making you rediscover the world, experiencing things you will never forget. We are a reference in experiential tourism, thanks to an exceptional team of experts who hand-pick some of the most extraordinary nature-based experiences in the planet.

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Sit back and relax as we did all the checks for you. All excursions that are part of the ‘Wildthentic Experiences Collection’ have passed through our certification process. We audit over 200 criteria doing site inspections and getting final validation from our board of key actors in tourism. This is what ensures the ‘Wow Factor’, the secret recipe that connects with your emotions.

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