A Brief Summary of an Unknown Country: Where is Andorra? What Should You Know About Andorra?

The world is a big and beautiful place. With that being said, we’d like to draw attention to a not so big place. More specifically the 11th smallest country in the world, Andorra, where Wildthenic originated. This small mountainous region is cool in more ways than one. One the most commonly questions asked is, where is Andorra? Not only is it’s location fascinating but it is also has few other quirks up its sleeves.

Where is Andorra?

Can this country be considered Spain and France’s unofficial baby? We’ll let you decide. Andorra holds an area of 468 km squared (181 sq mi) and has a population of about 85,000 people. It is the six smallest nation in Europe. Landlocked between Spain and France, Andorra can be considered difficult to get to. This political micro-nation doesn’t have a single airport, sea port, or railroad. Part of what makes visiting Andorra so special is the way to get there, it’s not like you can just fly in! One must first land in Spain or France and take a bus and or car. Part of the journey is admiring the drive up (or down) to this special place. Andorra is located in the heart of the Pyrenees mountains, which separates the Iberian peninsula from the rest of continental Europe.

Now you can answer the question; where is Andorra? Impress your friends and find it on a map!


More curiosities coming your way! Did you know that only about one third of the people living in Andorra are Andorran nationals? The rest of the population is Spanish, French, and Portuguese. This means that two-thirds of its residents cannot vote, hold office as head of state, or own 33% or more of any Andorran stock.

Also, although Catalan is the official language of the country people do have the choice of sending their children to Spanish, French, or Catalan school. Surprisingly, most families chose French schools. This doesn’t effect communication the way most English speakers would assume. In fact, it is typical for a person living in Andorra to speak 3 or 4 languages; Catalan, Spanish, French and many take up English and or Portuguese are their fourth language.


The Andorran government system is somewhat strange. It is the only co-principality in the world. As a result, this means that the President of France and the Bishop of La Seu d’Urgell of Catalonia share Princedom. Despite their lack of common lineage these two Princes rule peacefully. What makes Andorra so interesting apart from its princes is the fact that it also has its own head of government. There are three men running the show! Just kidding, the democratically elected Head of Government oversees most of the countries executive duties along with parliament or general council.

Things To Do in Andorra

Now one might ask him/herself what there is to do in a beautiful pristine micro nation bordered by two well-known countries and tucked away in an incredible mountain range? You guessed it; ski! Well, shopping is also important. Andorra is known for its skiing and its tax-haven status which encourages duty-free shopping! Don’t miss out on this beautiful quirky snow nation that even has an igloo hotel. If you’re looking for an adventure filled with fun, shopping, and peace Andorra is most definitely the place for you.

In conclusion, a visit to Andorra is worth it especially if you enjoy the mountains. Look into what it takes to get there, prepare accordingly and plan your next adventure!