About Wildthentic


We are a travel curator that grants travellers awe inspiring moments. We have taken adventure travel to the next level by making it sustainable, inspirational, and intimate. All our experiences are defined by a ‘WOW’ factor that separates them from the rest. We at Wildthentic connect you to nature as well as to yourself.

Our Story

Wildthentic was born out of a family’s profound love for nature and outdoor sporting activities…allow us to explain. Let’s start at the beginning, when a young Spanish alpinist named, Francesc Viladomat, was forced to find refuge among the slopes of the Pyrenees in order to escape the Spanish Civil War. Luckily, Viladomat was an astute and resourceful man who managed to make the best out of his situation. He became an Olympic skier and snow business entrepreneur who founded Pas de la Casa, which thanks to his son, Joan, later became Grandvalira, the world-class ski resort located in Andorra.

Viladomat’s son, Joan, quickly grew to love the mountains and everything they represented. Like his father, Joan found the slopes to be exhilarating, beautiful, and calming. Once Joan realized that he could move his body while simultaneously enjoying nature’s anatomy his passion and fascination for authentic wilderness experiences began to grow.

Joan quickly followed in his father’s footsteps and became a pioneer in his own right by travelling the world, constantly trying different outdoor activities, and inevitably diving into his own business endeavours. Joan made sure to put all of his knowledge to good use while also honouring his father’s legacy. The entrepreneur extended the reach of his family name by transforming Pas de la Casa into Grandvalira as well as creating PGI Greenland and Mil Outdoor, two successful tour operators whose purpose is to provide travellers with unique and ultimately life-changing experiences.

PGI Greenland is a branch of Pas Grau Group (PGI) in north Greenland. It is an outdoor activity based company located in Ilulissat. Mil Outdoor, on the other hand, is based in Argentina’s breathtaking Patagonia. Both locations share magnificent beauty and offer spectacular access to authentic local tours that inspire. The very same experiences that impulsed Joan to create these two companies are what set the gold standard, in his mind, of what travel should be. His vision to share more than just fun travel moments reached a culmination when he finally understood that spectacular moments must be sought after and respected. He realized that not only must people be willing to exit their comfort zone, they must also do research and prepare for such a trip. Wildthentic does just that.

After encountering many soul-stirring adventures the entrepreneur finally decided he needed to find a way to offer transformative travel to the public, this is when Wildthentic began to take shape and evolve from being a way of life to a shared travel philosophy. Joan not only wanted to live a wild and authentic travel life, he wanted others to as well. Joan and his team of travel experts have managed to develop the travel rating system you never knew you needed…until now.


We create opportunities that allow you to move your body while moving through the wild. Our Wildthentic experiences are full of sensory stimulation which offer a rush of adrenaline while you climb, run, jump, swim, cycle and explore nature’s power. You will feel as if a symbiotic relationship between your body and nature is being formed. Activate the healthy you by conquering some of the earth’s most stunning locations while basking in your sense of achievement.

Being outside causes internal reflection. Our experiences immerse you in your surroundings as you become one with the environment. This leads to a heightened state of emotional self-awareness and brings out the authentic you. The memorability of our experiences lies in the connection and growth you will notice within yourself.

We strive to teach travellers about how to move throughout the world without causing harm as well as how to grow as a human without being wasteful. We want you to value everything during your experience; every meal, every landscape, every breathe that is taken on tour. Learning to live the moment is a critical part of learning the Art of Travel.

Welcome, we are Wildthentic and we’d like you to come travel with us…the Wild and Authentic way.


Our main purpose is to change the way travelling is done. We know we can’t change the world, but we can do our part. Times are different and we must adapt accordingly. We have reached an age where everything is done digitally and in turn the world has become smaller. Travelling has gone from being a novelty to being expected.

We want to bring passion and respect back to travel. We want to show people the world in a way that is wild, authentic, and in turn, transformative. Not only do Wildthentic travellers get to have a positive impact on local communities, they get to be pioneers in changing the world of tourism as we know it. We want to make conscious travellers out of everyone. We want our travellers to touch lives while being touched as well. We want you to get more out of your experience than pictures, we offer moments that lead to growth and a deeper understanding of what it means to be human and part of the circle of life. It’s time to awaken your soul and embrace the moment.  

Press Corner

Can Wildthentic Solve This Crucial Tourism Problem?

The tourism industry suffers a chronic problem. Any popular destination is quickly subjected to an influx of tourists from all over the world. Popular tourists destinations in every country have been so crowded with foreign travelers that the local experience is diluted. An inspiring startup company by the name of Wildthentic wants to break away from the cookie-cutter travel model to bring you authentic experiences.


“Finding Wildthentic has been a life saver. This company has saved me from all the research of having to find unforgettable experiences on my own. I trust their judgement and always end up feeling like a new person after embarking on one of their adventures. Thank you for the ease, thank you for the wonderfully unique experiences, thank you for keeping it Wild!” Aleix Gibert


Feel different by doing something unique and awe-inspiring
Because your curiosity to discover new things is endless, we are making you rediscover the world, experiencing things you will never forget. We are a reference in experiential tourism, thanks to an exceptional team of experts who hand-pick some of the most extraordinary nature-based experiences in the planet.

Enjoy the destination at the fullest with our exclusive quality seal
Sit back and relax as we did all the checks for you. All excursions that are part of the ‘Wildthentic Experiences Collection’ have passed through our certification process. We audit over 200 criteria doing site inspections and getting final validation from our board of key actors in tourism. This is what ensures the ‘Wow Factor’, the secret recipe that connects with your emotions.

Fast, easy and secure booking system
We know you like it fast, in this ever-happening buoyant digital world. Our online platform provides live availability, instant confirmation, secure payment from a worldwide reputable company, and is fast and easy. Your dream experience is only a few clicks away.