Explore and Gain World Perspective with the Wildthentic Experience!

How many times have you looked back on a trip and thought, I should have done something more adventurous? Or asked around to see if you could find an authentic spot? You know, like the ones the locals would point out but you wouldn’t ready about on Google. That is why we are here to offer you the Wildthentic experience.

Here at Wildthentic we combine the “Wild” with the “authentic” and focus on experience rather than luxury or convenience. Although we do not rule either of these two components out, we understand they are important, we do manage to keep authenticity alive and vivid through everything we do. The Wildthentic experience is about connecting to the environment and the people around. Wildthenic offers a unique outlook on travel, one that focuses on living in the moment.

We’ve broken the Wildtenthic experience down for you with two main questions:

What does the Wildthentic Experience mean?

“Wildthentic is born out of a need to offer 100% unique, emotional and unique travel experiences, in the most spectacular of destinations, and with the certainty that all them are supported by leading companies in their fields.” Wildthentic is a company that prides itself on getting travelers to the most magnificent places on the planet. More so than that, Wildthentic is a company the pushes you forward into a new world. Here at Wildtentic we offer authentic tours that entice your senses and encapsulate what culture is all about. Wildthentic is not a place for the faint of heart or shallow of soul, it is for the explorer who dreams of teleporting.

What makes the Wildthentic Experience different?

We’ve all been on boring tours or even worse, boring tours with uninspired tour guides. Snore. At Wildthentic we keep it small and we keep it certified. This means that group sizes remain small in order to ensure adventure and personalization and that we only work with certified trained experts in their field. Wildthentic guarantees a safe and once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Wildthentic experience has standards that set it apart from the rest. The Wildthentic team has created a rating system (modeled off of over 200 different criteria) in order to ensure quality. The ratings are then cross-analyzed with customer feedback.

You may ask yourself, what’s the point of all this? Well, we’d like you to know that there are options. Different options than the ones that are usually placed in front of you. It is not our job to convince any of you to travel differently but it is our job to shine light on those who are already looking for something different. Something real. Something that changes lives.

The Wildthentic experience is about offering more than you could have accomplished on your own. It’s about combining the location with the activity, and making sure you have the right people around you to steer in exactly the direction you want to go. We cater to your needs and desires, it’s never the other way around. Wildthenic has a great list of singular activities that cater to the adventurer in all of us. We’ll help you find your wild, authentic You.