How a Trip to Petra Changed my Life and Why You Should Travel to Jordan

There are moments we all dream of, some of us plan our futures with tall heaps of money, others with a beautiful family. We all measure success differently and all strive to create the life we once envisioned for ourselves. My future on the other hand is not laid out and or straight forward but, it is filled with colour and adventure. My dreams involve foreign tongues, magnificent scents, unbelievable landscapes, and uncomfortable situations which lead to growth. Exiting my comfort zone in order to enter uncharted territory not only moves me, it makes me better. Visiting Jordan, specifically Petra, was one of these defining moments. There were occasions in which I couldn’t believe my eyes and life tasted better than it had in any of my wildest dreams. Allow me to convince you why you should travel to Jordan and visit Petra...This article is dedicated to the travellers in search of magical soul-stirring moments.


Arriving to Jordan is an Adventure in itself

This was my first time in a Muslim country and I hadn’t yet adjusted to the colours and sights of the desert-like geography that everything fascinated me. I was taken aback by the amount of toothy smiles that kept coming my way, for I had prepared myself for inquisitive stares and in turn received a bouquet of “Welcome”s. I had the luxury of chatting up the tour guide who eagerly answered all my questions and haphazard over-enthusiastic pointing. My first day consisted of traveling to marvellous places, like Jerash, and ended at a phenomenal Bedouin camp named Seven Wonders. It took my breath away. Located in Little Petra, Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp is a quaint place that plays up the natural beauty of the area. Arrive at night, the rocky sandstone mountainous backdrop is illuminated by candle-like lights that make you feel as if you’re in an Arabian oasis.  


The Main reason to Travel to Jordan: Petra

Day two was all about Petra, the magnificent World’s Wonder also known as the ‘Rose City’. I arrived at Petra around 8 AM and didn’t stop exploring until 7 PM, closing time. My heart rate began to accelerate as soon as I got past the Visitor's Centre. I was greeted with animals and somewhat narrow walkways with exclusively coloured desert sand. I walked past doorways that mimic Greek, Roman, and even Egyptian architecture. My mind raced with questions, “How could a group of nomads manage to build an entire city within a mountain range?” “Who are these brilliant people?” “Was this as spectacular back in as it is now?” I couldn’t help but stare in awe at the marvellous structures before me. As I wandered onward, tears began to stream down my face and I became overjoyed and overwhelmed. There were etchings dedicated to pagan gods, fortified walls built in case of flash floods, and even a waterway designed to allow water to run through the main areas of the city before reaching a reservoir. Inspiration ran through me even before reaching the famous Treasury. As soon as I got there I felt my knees buckle before the magnificent facade and that’s when the real journey began.  


Petra is More than the Treasury, it’s a city of Marvels.

The Nabateans built a city fit for 30,000 people fully equipped with temples, an amphitheatre, rooms, and even a church with stunning mosaic floors. Children sped past me bartering in perfect English as men with charcoal eyes lead donkeys and camels to their next destination. The city was both quiet and electric. It was in this moment that I understood the beauty and brilliance behind human design. This is where art and history collide, and the importance of travel becomes evident. I hiked two of the three main trails and felt the urgent need to take in as much as possible. I stared at valleys, spoke to Bedouins, climbed rocks, and basked in the glory of Petra’s magic as the hours continued to melt away. If there was any reason to visit Jordan, Petra is it. I left Jordan feeling as if I had connected with a part of myself I had never known. Remember that twisted and colourful path I had mentioned before? Jordan had it. I learned to open my mind and accept that our ‘modernism’ is just that, a category. Human history is full and brimming with divinity. Cultures before us have had extraordinary achievements and it is only through witnessing these achievements that we can humble ourselves and come to understand that we are a part of a never-ending system of creation.     There are hundred of holiday traditions around the world, all of which we love and respect. Please remember that there is still time to witness one of these traditions for yourself. If you’re interested in seeing how another culture brings in the New Year please visit our website at In our opinion, the best way to celebrate a year past is by seeing something new. What are some of your favourite holiday traditions?

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