We are Wildthentic, Your Experience-Driven Travel Advisor.

Surely, you’ve heard similar assertions before. But, we’re serious. Wildthentic was created with a very specific vision in mind, to advise travelers on how to get high quality local experiences.  It is important to note the difference between a travel advisor, what we are, and a travel agent.

What is a travel agent?

According to Webster, a travel agent is “a person engaged in selling and arranging transportation, accommodations, tours, or trips for travelers”. An agent’s purpose is to sell. This type of business is usually done on a large scale. The idea is to fill a tour to its highest capacity while keeping costs relativity low. This ensures that the retailer get the ‘highest compensation’ while the traveler is subject to a mediocre experience. The agent handles everything from start to finish leaving the traveler with very little room to explore and or do their own thing, as opposed to the travel advisor. Some consider this form of travel too rigid and or outdated. But then again, it works for some. It is important to recognize what travel style best suits you!

What makes Wildthentic a travel advisor?

A travel advisor’s job is to find an experience that best suits your profile and or needs. First, we travel. The Wildthentic team finds places and excursions that or not only small but worth the time and money. Meaning, an experience that is both exhilarating and authentic. Then, we add the excursions to our certified Wildthentic travel list.

In other words, Wildthentic is a company that certifies the quality of excursions found within a tourist destination. We do not create packages, we do not offer airplane packages, we do not manage reservations. We simply visit a destination and select the best tourist experience for you. Widlthentic does not operate the tours.

What makes Wildthentic different from other travel advisors?

Well, we’re pretty hands on. Not only have we done the excursions ourselves but our Wildthentic seal is meant to ensure your safety as well as our high standards. Wildthentic is not here to replace a travel agent, we are simply your counselor. If you’re looking for help when deciding what to do once your arrive at your destination, we’re the ones to help. We work directly with the Ground Operators, we contact them, perform our audit, advise them and incorporate them into our product catalog. This type of travel vetting is our creation. We have finally perfected our very own travel advisor identification and sorting process. It is not in our interest to offer excursions or tours that we ourselves do not enjoy. Wildthenic is a very selective company that prides itself on providing people with once in a lifetime experiences.

We like to think our ourselves as the ‘Michelin Guide to travel excursions”. Now, before you roll your eyes, here us out. We rate experiences similarly, just as the Michelin team takes everything into account from the quality of the staff, vision of the chef, design of the menu, to the atmosphere of the restaurant, we focus on high quality, unforgettable events.

As a travel advisor we understand the importance of listening then going on to find the activities and destinations that best suit you. Write us! Where would you like to go?